A Rising Warrior


This is me...


I’m a London girl living in LA with a passion for my career and all things wellness


I work as a casting associate in film and TV. I love working in the entertainment industry and watching actors bring a role to life! I’m also a meditating fitness junkie who loves skincare, nature, unicorns, glitter and discos! I also teach adults and children’s yoga.

My philosophy in life is all about finding the balance between my job and living a healthy lifestyle.

My hours are long and self-care is essential. I’ve experienced burnout and it was NOT cute. I truly believe that a boss babe who takes care of herself can run the world!


I’ve always loved yoga so in 2015 I decided to take a teacher training. It was going great until I tore my ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus in a skiing accident halfway through the course. I was forced to slow down (quite literally). I turned to meditation to stay positive as my normal mood booster of working out was no longer an option.

A shift then occurred and I realised that yoga goes way deeper than the poses. It’s a mindset that gives us the power to live a life that aligns with our highest and best self. ✨

So during my recovery I started to journal all the tips and tricks that were helping keep me positive and SANE. I was inspired by the name because my recovery to walk and be independent again truly made me feel like a warrior.

But injuries aren’t the only thing that test our strength. Life is HARD.

The blog evolved and shifted to a focus on the various tools that have helped me feel strong whilst dealing with the inevitable hardships that occur in careers, relationships and the mind. 💗


If you’re a boss babe hoping to manifest more love, balance, peace and happiness in your life then you’ve come to the right place.

I want this to be a safe space where you can breathe and own who YOU are. I would love to hear any comments or feedback you have. I’m no professional at this! I’m just a girl making her way in the entertainment biz looking to live my very best yogi babe life.

x Lara 💗

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