A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Now that we’re deep in fall, it’s all about hot meals to warm us up on chilly days. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, Vata dosha (the air/ether element) is most prone to go out of balance during these months so warm meals are advised to counter the effects of Vata’s natural cooling properties. Doshas aside, if you are in LA and in the mood for some delicious ramen, I highly recommend Tatsu Ramen. It’s amazing and will leave you feeling delightfully content. FYI they do have gluten free options! 


There are two locations; one right on Melrose and the other in West LA.  I’ve only been to the Melrose loaction which is always hopping. If you tend to get super hungry quickly, it might be smart to plan to get there a little earlier than you want to eat, just in case there’s a longer line. The way it operates (not sure about the West LA restaurant) is you order while in line and then give your receipt to the hostess once you reach the front. From there they take you to your table, some are single tables and others are communal. The food usually comes quickly, but regardless, it’s a snug cozy environment and like with any restaurant it’s fun to take in the ambiance!


My go to on the menu is the Cheeky Ramen. I’ve also tried the Bold Ramen which was yummy. Mine had a kick, although you can adjust the spice level depending on what you prefer. I definitely recommend this spot whether you’re solo, with a group of friends, family or date night. It’s a gem. Hope you enjoy!