A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Quality of life depends on the outlook we choose and happiness is determined by actions we take. Therefore, mindset is critical. Life, after all, is a linear narrative we create. If we assign positive intentions to even small mundane tasks, we will reap greater overall happiness.


Life is more enriching when we treat each moment as precious. There’s no doubt that grocery shopping can be a bore. Instead of ruminating in boredom, however, visualize how the nutritious items you buy will create good health for you and your family. And that brings me to cooking with intention…


As cheesy it sounds, our bodies are a temple and what we put into our bodies matters. While there are lots of healthy recipes and information about good foods, less is discussed about the intention of cooking and what it can mean for quality of life.

Make cooking a meditation

Meditation doesn’t only have to be on a yoga mat. It can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Cooking, for example, is the perfect opportunity to turn your attention inward and be fully present with what you are doing. Think of cooking as creating love in the physical form. Set an intention to remain attentive to the task. Smell the spices and the aromas the food gives off while you prepare them. Listen to the sounds as food sizzles. Use the time to cast your stresses aside and unwind. Embrace the here and now.


Choose to be grateful for the little things and amazing shifts occur. We’re fortunate to have food to cook, eat and enjoy. Water must never be taken for granted as so many do not have access to clean, safe water. Cooking is also an opportunity to connect to the elements as fresh foods have used soil, water and sun to grow. Consider eating as a form of self-care and have gratitude for your body. You’re amazing!

It’s a soul check in

Much of the day is spent living in our minds. When we cook with intention, however, we create the perfect opportunity to disconnect from all the noise that distracts us from our true being. This is a time to embrace our inner power and feel connected to a higher purpose. Let your soul shine the next time you cook!


The best thing about cooking with intention is that it makes your food so much more rewarding. When you cook with intention and know that the food was prepared in a happy environment, the more you prefer to eat at home. Eating becomes a spiritual practice. Cooking can also be a good transition into being in the present, especially if you’re new to mindfulness or meditation. Finding beauty in the little things reaps big rewards in life. So, Namaste while you get your chef game on!