A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Water is key. H20 helps every cell in our body’s’ function! To name only a few of the things aqua does for us: carry nutrients to our cells, flush bacteria and toxins from our body, and prevent constipation. In addition, water improves our mood (nobody got time for unwanted negative emotions ?), and has been shown to help reduce calorie intake, consumption of saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol. Plus it keeps skin looking lovely, and who doesn’t want that ??!?


You would think that since we know how crucial water is, we’d always make sure to stay properly hydrated. Yet it can be really hard sometimes, especially in the winter when it’s colder outside and we’re in hibernation mode. It also doesn’t help that we live EXTREMELY busy lives, going from place to place, so staying hydrated can slip our mind.


No fret, beautiful warriors! Here are a few easy ways to stay hydrated:

Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go

One of the easiest ways to always stay hydrated is by making sure you always have water with you. There are also a bunch of cute bottles that mark your water intake. Super helpful, especially if you have an exceptionally busy day. Ivory Ella also has really lovely ones that go to help a good cause..elephants ?!

Add some flavour

As much as I do love water, it can also be boring. Easy solution! Add fruit or herbs to your water. To make it super easy for you, you can invest in this Fitfuser. It literally makes it SO easy. Some of my favourites are cucumber, lemon or orange water. This will ensure that you’re still getting hydrated but you have some added flavour to keep you from reaching for that soda!

Thank you modern technology

While I don’t have one of these goodies just yet, I think it’s amazing concept. You know you’re a technological society when we have water bottles that GLOW when we have been slacking on our hydration.


Check while you’re in the loo

So this is less cool than a glowing water bottle but still a classic way to know if you’re body is happy with you. While it’s a little gross, the colour of your pee will tell you a lot. If you’re urine is dark yellow, it’s time to refill that bottle of yours.

Drink a glass before a meal

Make a point to drink a glass of water before every meal. Not only is this a great regular reminder to drink more water, but it also will help you from overeating. I’m all for that!


Hope these tips help you guys! Happy body + mind = happy life.