A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior



Every time you blink there is a new super food! It’s hard to keep up! Hemp milk is among those new discoveries that we’re now hearing about. When I learned that hemp milk is good for you, I tried it in a chai latte when my favorite coffee place added it to the menu. With its creamy texture, I’m now obsessed with hemp milk and that prompted me to do some research.


While the research is fairly new and limited, studies show that hemp milk does in fact have some good benefits. Yay!


If cow’s milk isn’t for you, hemp milk is also fortified with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B. In fact, certain hemp milk brands actually have more calcium than regular cow’s milk. Winning.


Source of Omegas:

Possibly one of the best reasons to consume help milk is that it has 1 gram of omega-3s and 3-4 grams of omega-6s. This is wonderful as Americans often have trouble consuming enough omega-6s. Why are omegas so crucial for our health? They are essential for nervous system function, healthy hair and skin. Certain omega 3s and 6s may reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. Research, however, is still being carried out to determine whether the predominant omega-3s found in hemp milk have EPAs. You may have heard of EPAs, which are found in fish oils and are have heart-healthy benefits. I’m sure there will be new discoveries on this. Stay tuned!


Great alternative milk for soy allergies/lactose intolerance:

If you have any of the above conditions, hemp milk is definitely a great substitute. Although it is worth noting that it does have less protein than normal cow’s milk. So hemp milk shouldn’t be your major source of protein as 1 cup only contains about 2 grams of protein. Womp womp.

While research is fairly limited, it’s safe to say that you can enjoy your latte with hemp milk and the creamy texture is to die for! A final note is that certain hemp milks (i.e. vanilla and chocolate) tend to have more sugar so it’s better to stick to the original or unsweetened versions. Hopefully, we’ll learn more positive things about hemp milk in upcoming research!


Namaste warriors!






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