A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Firstly, what are polyphenols? Polyphenols are plant-based chemicals that have antioxidant properties. The two big polyphenol groups are phenolic acids (eg. red berries, black radishes, onions, coffees and teas) and flavonoids (eg. broccoli, tomato, herbs, cocoa, tea, wine, citrus fruits and soy). In addition, there is also lignans (eg. flaxseeds) and stilbenes (eg. curcumin, wine and nuts).


So why should you incorporate (you might already be doing s0 ?) into your diet? Research shows that consumption of polyphenols help with the following:


-Limit the incidence of coronary heart disease

-Helps limit and protect against a number of various cancer tumors and their growth


-Improve life-span

-Better artery function

-Reduce blood pressure

-Lower cholesterol


Here are some of the richest polyphenol superfoods. For the full list click here.


-Peppermint, dried

-Star anise

-Cocoa powder

-Mexican oregano, dried

-Celery Seed

-Black chokeberry

-Dark chocolate (yay ?!)

-Flaxseed meal

-Black elderberry


– Common sage, dried

-Rosemary, dried



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