A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


I’m definitely a homebody who loves being close to my family. On school trips I cried because I missed my parents so much, even if I was only gone for a few days! I dealt with homesickness when I came to America for college and when my career in entertainment took off, I stayed in LA, so I often still get very homesick, especially with the eight hour time difference with London.


If you ever suffer from homesickness or other blues, here are some tips that always help me when I’m feeling down:


1. Exercise:

Exercise is one of the best ways to turn negative energy into positive, productive energy! If you get sad, do what makes you feel alive. Perhaps that means a yoga class with a teacher you love, going to the gym or even a walk around the block. Nothing is worse than staying cooped up when you’re feeling down. It also never ceases to amaze me the wonders some fresh air can do for the mind.


2. Call a good friend:

Nothing beats speaking with a good friend. I have a small core group with whom I can vent my thoughts and emotions without judgment. Talking with a friend you trust can help you release the bad juju and negative vibes, as well as feel less isolated.


3. Make a list of all the things you love to do:

One of my favourite things is the cinema. I love getting absorbed into a different world with characters who experience similar emotions as our own. Identify all the things that make you happy, or even things that you’d like to try and then go do them. If you live away from home you might as well make the most of it by getting to know the city you live in and then you’ll always be an expert to guide others that are visiting that city.


4. Meditate

Meditation is the best way to detach from our thoughts so that they have less power to control our reality. Listen to a guided meditation or go to a class. I always find that when I make peace with my homesickness, I become much more focused about why I live in LA and why it’s important to enjoy the experience.

Here is one of my favourite short guided meditations. Just taking some time for some good deep breathing helps to reset and allows you to return to your true natural state of peace and calm.



Namaste. Xo