A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Salt rooms are the latest buzz in the wellness world. Google ‘salt rooms Los Angeles’ and an entire yelp page of places come up on your screen. And it’s spreading! New York has places, such as Montauk Salt Cave, designed to provide zen to a seriously stressed out society. The trend is real.


What exactly is salt therapy?


Salt therapy isn’t new. It was discovered in 1843 when a Polish physician observed that salt miners didn’t experience respiratory issues like other miners. Later a German doctor observed his patients’ health improved after being exposed to salt caves.  Flash forward as salt therapy became more widely used across Europe. Speedy history lesson over.



Ok but what about salt rooms in 2018:

Not sure what salt caves back in the day looked like, but 2018 salt rooms are as dreamy as it gets. Envision a dimly lit space with walls comprised of pink Himalayan salt. The floors have loose salt minerals on the ground to dig your toes into. Minuscule particles of salt are pumped into the room. The studio might play calming music. Montauk Salt Cave has twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling. It’s all about relaxation and a break from your worries.

Does it work?

According to the American Lung Association, it is possible that inhaling tiny salt particles decreases inflammation and mucus. Some research suggests a link between salt therapy and better wellbeing. Others claim it aids certain skin conditions. While I can’t attest for the research, my sore throat and headache did subside during the session. If all else fails, the rooms are a great place to relax and unwind. Let’s be real, we all need more time to de-stress in our lives.


Things to be aware of:

The room can be chilly so I suggest wearing comfy and warm clothing. If your mind has a hard time slowing down, it might be good to bring headphones and a guided meditation (if the studio allows it).  Each studio is different but in Montauk Salt Cave only calming music was played.  While I relaxed, it would have been nice to have a meditation guide.


Finally, we come to pricing. We paid $40 per person at Montauk Salt Cave. That’s pricey and may not be realistic to incorporate into your everyday routine. They did have lower prices on off peak days, however.  Other studios such as Modrn Salt have a $35 deal for a new client. Do your research and you might find days with discounted prices. I still recommend trying it regardless of the price.


Have you had a salt room experience?  Would you try it again?