A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Hello lovelies,


I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and that it only continues to get better! As some of you may know, I was recently back home in London. This was very exciting, especially since I got lots of cuddles with my dog, Louie!


In many of my posts, I mention how important it is to fuel our bodies with healthy ingredients. With so much negative stimuli around us, it’s easy to latch on to those vibes and go down a bad rabbit hole. Food is a big area where we can help keep our bodies and minds happy by making smart healthy choices. Of course, life is about balance so it’s not OMG CRISIS MODE if you indulge once in a while and eat that doughnut at work.


Whether you call London home or are just visiting, here are some healthy restaurants I definitely recommend checking out:


Located in South Kensington, Squirrel has a bunch of healthy options.  I LOVE their warm grain bowls (Ginger Spice is one of my faves), but it’s always a hard menu to pick from because everything is sooo good. They also have lots of teas, smoothies and juices, which makes it a great healthy spot to go to even if you aren’t in the mood for a big meal.


Farmacy is located in Notting Hill and has healthy written all over it. The restaurant has a very LA vibe with lots of natural light and plants. (Did I also mention that they have the cutest fairy lights!) I got the green eggs earth bowl and the alkaline booster cold pressed juice. Definitely felt very nourished afterwards! If you’re in the mood to go out but still want to eat healthy, it’s a lovely spot to meet with friends.


While I wouldn’t pin sketch as being a ‘healthy’ spot, it’s so fun that I simply had to put it on the list. The afternoon tea literally has every tea to try, like oolong, green, white and herbal infusions. There are three different rooms so it’s worth doing some research to figure out what vibe you’re in the mood for. Oh, and make sure you have a reservation since it’s a pretty hip place.

Farm Girl

Farm Girl is another little spot in Notting Hill. Lots of yummy things to choose from on the menu. Personal favourite of mine is the chicken sandwitch and rose latte. Sadly, on this trip I was only able to make it there once but I definitely will go back next time I’m in London. It’s a popular place so sometimes it can be a while to get a table (they do deliver!). It has a cozy vibe and definitely makes a good spot to meet up with friends. It’s also super convenient if you are planning to go to Portebello market.

Juice Baby & Tri Yoga

Located in Chelsea near the Kings Road, Juice Baby is definitely a healthy yes. It has lots of juices, healthy shots, salads etc to choose from. There isn’t much seating so great if you’re grabbing something to go, or if you’re ok with sharing a table with someone you don’t know. My favourite juice is the G.L.O which was grapefruit, lemon and orange. It’s packed with vitamin C! My mother got the Yam Yam bowl and I got the Dragon Bowl. Practically next door is Tri Yoga which is a fantastic yoga studio. You don’t even have to take a yoga class to enjoy the vibe. There’s also a little café (with more healthy goodies) plus one of my favourite little shops that has all sorts of yoga books and products. If you do decide to check out the store, I highly recommend the Ayurvedic Vata tea. It’s so yummy and great to relieve stress!


A favourite gem on Kingly Court in Soho is Moosh.   It is considered to be one of the best juice places in London and Moosh definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s near the Detox Kitchen which is another popular healthy place, so perhaps you and your friends want to grab a juice from Moosh and a salad from Detox Kitchen. Carnaby street is also really fun to walk around. What better way to be healthy than to sip on a juice WHILE getting your daily steps! Winning!

The Good Life Eatery

I don’t think any London trip is complete with a visit to the The Good Life Eatery. This place is always hopping because the food and drinks are so yummy. There are a few different locations, although I’ve only been to the one in Chelsea. I have to say one of my absolute favourite dishes is their Goodness Bowl. Sooo good. I’m back in America now and even just thinking about it is making me crave their menu! All their juices are cold pressed which means all the fruit and veggies enzymes are retained. Thumbs up.

Raw Press

Last but not least is Raw Press. Similar to many juice places you find in LA, it has a wonderful healthy vibe. They have a variety of juices and shots. If you are feeling under the weather, I recommend the Hot Shot (which has Rooibos, ginger, lemon, mauka honey, bee pollen and cayenne pepper). It’s quite potent so I ask for a cup of hot water, which makes it much more soothing. If you’re looking for a juice, this is definitely the place to go. Yum, yum, yum.

Well my lovelies, that is all I have to report for today. My knee had a little flair up when I was in London so I didn’t get to try as many places as I wanted. If I missed any place amazing, please let me know so I can try it next time I’m home!


Sending oodles of love! Xoxo