A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Have you ever been perfectly happy with the world and then…Wham! A negative thought sabotages your contentment. Thoughts have power and can alter our perception of our reality. The mind even has the power to make you physically ill like when you feel sick to your stomach after a negative thought. The brain and the gut are connected which explains how stress and emotional disorders can cause such havoc in our digestive system.

It’s not easy to overcome negative mental habits but don’t let your mind control your life. Here are four ways to help retrain your brain:


Essential oils

Prana is the life force of which all living things are comprised. Our actions affect the quality of our prana in positive or negative ways. Unhealthy foods lacking nutrients, stress and negative thoughts all diminish prana. The result is a weakened immune system and a lower quality of life.


I use essential oils to help retrain my mind and prevent depleting prana. Like Pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment, I use smell as a potent stimulus for positive thoughts. When I start going down a negative path, I dab a drop of oil on my wrist and take a long inhale. On the exhale, I let the thought go and instead of returning to the thought, I choose to focus on loving myself. It takes time to retrain the brain but essential oils help to stop the thought in its track and increase your prana.


Mantras are powerful. What we repeat to ourselves, is what we eventually will feel. Instead of focusing on the negative thought, change your mantra to the opposite. For example, if you’re worried that you aren’t smart enough to be successful, change the mantra to “I am successful and will use my failure as opportunities to grow.” If the thought is “I’m not pretty enough”, change it to “I love myself and my body needs me to be kind to it”. Say your mantra with confidence and repeat as many times as you need. Mantras are like asana for the mind and help us stay connected to our true self and higher being.

Share your story

It’s easy to become introverted when you’re feeling negative. Isolation, however, can exasperate the negativity and make you feel more alone. We all experience negative thoughts, however, when we share our story, we connect ourselves to other people. Suddenly, we don’t feel so alone and are already on a more positive path.

Reward yourself

What better way to instill a new habit than a healthy reward? The next time you stop your negative thoughts, celebrate with a treat. While I’d love to have a chocolate milkshake each time I conquer a negative thought, that’s not exactly ideal for a healthy lifestyle. So instead, opt for cooking a really healthy dinner with fresh food, spices and herbs. Visualize the nutrients as you prepare the food so that when you eat it’s a self-love practice. Other ways to reward yourself are a walk in the park, fresh tea, a self-spa or a yoga class you love. On special occasions it can be that chocolate milkshake and maybe those yoga pants you love.


Some negative thoughts need to be felt but you are a warrior and have the strength to work through them. Those unnecessary thoughts that deplete prana, however, are now on notice that you are ready to do battle! While there isn’t a magic wand to erase all negative thoughts, you have the power to take control! Let me know what other ways you use to help retrain your mind. Always love to hear from you warriors!


Love and light! xoxo