A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior



Anxiety can be overwhelming. It can be so powerful that sometimes anxiety feels like it won’t end. The worst part about anxiety is that it can creep up at any moment even though it is never welcome.


A certain degree of anxiety is normal. If you’re about to move to a new place or start a new job, for example, you might feel anxious. The problem is when anxiety starts to play a bigger and more recurring role in everyday life. When we’re on a mission to live our best lives, anxiety (not the type that saves us from actual dangerous situations) only lowers our vibration. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Lifestyle habits to overcome your anxiety:


When feeling anxious, we take short shallow breaths. We’re so caught up in our negative thoughts – thoughts that feel real – that the idea of focusing on breathing doesn’t seem like an option. Our minds are strong when trying to convince us that something bad will happen if we stop ruminating and relax. To counteract this, take deeps breathes that engage your diaphragm at the first signs of tension.


Also, instead of waiting until a wave of anxiety comes upon you, practice deep breathing throughout the day. One of the easiest ways to learn this type of breath work is to lie down with a hand placed upon your stomach. With every inhale you should feel your stomach rise and with every exhale it should fall. This breath work is calming for the nervous system and pacifies the fight or flight response. The more familiar the breath feels, the easier it is to access when experiencing anxiety.


For those who prefer images, visualization can be a powerful tool to fight anxiety. When we imagine something, “our brain networks are organized, creating more connections among different regions.” Essentially, visualization causes our brain to transmit a message to the neurons to perform that action, creating a new neural pathway.


The next time anxiety begins to consume you, take a moment to close your eyes and reflect. Imagine your life without anxiety. What does it feel like? That peaceful state is your true essence and is completely attainable (don’t let anxiety try to trick you into thinking it’s not!). Be a warrior when facing your anxiety. Recognize it’s only thoughts and not what defines you. Return to your visualization as much as needed to remember how good it feels not to carry this tension. Then try to figure out what you need to do to let go of your anxiety and reach that end goal.

Another technique is to imagine a child who runs to you with her worries.  Nurture that child as you listen to her (your) fears. This visualization helps you detach from the situation and take on the role of a responsible parent. Let your inner child know that you are there to protect and love her. Then determine what your inner child needs to feel peaceful, loved and secure. This might mean a walk outside, an Epsom bath salt or a good laugh. By taking on a more assertive role, you can make strives forward in a positive direction versus staying in an anxious, more passive state. We all have our inner child who needs unconditional love – no exceptions!

Meaningful activities

Negative emotions need to be felt. Life is about working through the bad, not brushing it under a rug. That being said, we shouldn’t let negative emotions hinder us from living.  When we have anxiety, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in those thoughts, physical feelings and emotions that we remain in a fearful and stagnant state.


Next time you feel anxious, acknowledge the anxiety. Remember that you’ve felt this way before and it didn’t last forever. If possible, find the root of the issue. Have you been around anxious people and you picked up their energy? Are you worried about a future event?


Practice mindfulness and observe your thoughts without getting attached to help disconnect from anxiety. Use breath as a home base to return to whenever you get carried away with a thought. Dab a couple drops of grounding aromatherapy on your wrists and repeat the grounding mantra ‘so hum’ (I am).


Finally, don’t let your anxiety prevent you from doing meaningful activities. Instead of passively sitting around, try to carry on with life. If you’re going to the cinema, be fully present as you watch the film. If you have a project at work to do, focus your attention on carrying out those goals. Be a warrior and don’t allow anxiety to obstruct you from doing the things you otherwise would be doing.

A certain degree of anxiety is normal and we all experience it from time to time. We need anxiety for moments where we are actually in danger and appreciate it in those instances. If you do experience the type of anxiety that affects your daily life, however, I hope these tips help to pacify and diffuse the tension. If you find that your anxiety is more chronic and severe, you should talk to a professional and get help with a more thorough game plan. Always remember that your negative thoughts aren’t what define you. You are worthy of an anxiety free life and deserve nothing less!


Love and light!