A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Happy Valentine’s Day! I love the heart decorations and the flowers and cards expressing appreciation. You don’t need a partner to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, however, because your relationship with yourself should be number one. Many of us, especially anxious types, live completely disconnected from our bodies. In order to fully enjoy relationships with others, we need to love ourselves. When we have a consistent and daily self-love practice, we are able to live our happiest lives.


In the same way a mother loves her child, a self-love practice should be unconditional. Loving ourselves one day and fighting with ourselves the next creates problems. Let Valentine’s Day be a yearly reminder to go inward. (You can still express your appreciation for your partner, too!)


Here are some wonderful self-love practices for Valentine’s Day (and every day!):


In Ayurveda oil massage is recommend for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it’s a wonderful way to calm the nervous system. It also connects us with our bodies and gives nourishment to all our cells. When you apply oil, it’s about connecting to something higher within yourself, something that is above the worldly fluctuations of the ego.


Before you get in the shower, spend some time connecting to your inner goddess. Skin is the largest organ and it’s rejuvenating to give it gratitude. Don’t forget your scalp and feet as they are very important! Once the oil is rubbed in, take a steamy shower to open the pores and allow the oil to seep in. You can also rub some oil on your feet and body before you go to sleep as a self-love ritual.


Physical activity that makes you feel alive

With busy work weeks, we might not always make time to do the physical activities that align us with our soul. Make it a priority to go to that zumba or yoga class. Address your needs depending you are in your journey. Some days we might need more stimulation, other days we may need a yin yoga class that allows us a good recharge. Treat yourself to a healthy salad or a matcha latte afterwards. It’s a date and a celebration of you!

Sense detox

Prana is known in yoga and Ayurveda as life force. All living beings are comprised of energy. As we pick up the energy of our surroundings, it’s important we are aware of these energies. We may not consciously be aware of the information we take in with our senses, but it can make a huge difference with our mood. Have you ever noticed a change in mental state when you’re in a clean room with natural light, versus a dark and cluttered room? Light some incense and take a few moments to journal. What environments have you been taking in? What is the quality of your breath and food? What kind of thoughts have you been having? Some simple ways to increase prana is deep breathing and eating foods with intention. By being aware of our sense input, we can work to increase love and fulfillment and decrease the negative.


A car needs gas to run. The human body operates on the same principle. We can’t expect to expend energy and never fuel up. This Valentine’s Day (and every day), do something that creates inner healing. Perhaps it’s time for you to try reflexology, which is incredibly relaxing. (Reflexology is a massage applying pressure to various areas of your feet. Each point correlates to a different area or organ of the body.) An at-home facial with lots of candles and aromatherapy oils is another wonderful way to recharge. Do what makes you happy and make it a part of your daily routine.


Self-love is so important yet can be so challenging. Egos are strong and it’s easy to listen to the voices telling us we are lacking. The voices aren’t your truth and cultivating a strong self-care practice can give the energy to fight the ego. Never forget that you are unique and special. You have a gift to give to world. Here’s to appreciating you! Happy Valentine’s Day!