A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Being surrounded by supportive and loving women is essential.  As much as I adooore my guy friends, they aren’t my go-to when I need to talk something out. We females just get one another.

Growing up and through college, I was fortunate to have a group of girlfriends who had my back.  My luck continued when we graduated. One of my best friends literally lived on the same floor in my apartment building.  It was the dream. But then a couple years after college most of my close girlfriends moved away and for the first time I realized how much I missed that support system.  It was then that I decided to put in the effort to cultivate new friendships.  While it was definitely trickier making friends post-college, it was not impossible and I’m so much happier because of it.


Here are some tips that really helped me:


  1. Make an effort

It’s easier to meet people when you’re in school and surrounded by people with common interests.  But between frantic work schedules, meal prepping and exercising, it requires effort to even find the time to make new friends.  Plus when you’re out of school, most people already have their friend groups and might not be sensitive to the fact that you would appreciate them reaching out.  It’s not personal but it can feel hard.  Don’t give up!  Keep reaching out to get coffee or have a movie night.  Also, don’t bail when you make plans but find yourself exhausted and just want to collapse at home.  Trust me I know how hard that can be sometimes.  Follow through with your plans and cement new friendships by making those essential memories!

  1. Use your friend network

One of the best ways to meet other girls is through friends of friends.  Chances are that if you vibe with a friend, then that friend know girls who you would also get along with.  Be honest and speak up!  Tell your friends that you want to meet new people.  I told a girl friend of mine that I wanted to broaden my girl group and she made the effort to invite me to hikes and events with her other friends.  It was honestly the most helpful way to make friends.

  1. Be yourself

This might sound cheesy but it’s true.  I learned this when I transferred to a new college as a junior.  I kept finding myself in situations where I was the one constantly reaching out to make plans to hang out.  Eventually I recognized that even though the girls I was trying to befriend had good intentions, it shouldn’t be THAT hard.  Be yourself, put in the effort to make friends and never forget your worth.


Love & light!