A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


It’s important to spend time alone. In order to have successful relationships with others, it is imperative to love yourself, flaws and all. When we’re always on the go with no down time, we don’t slow down enough to check in with our emotional, mental and physical states. I like to envision life experiences like a snowball rolling down a mountain. Stressful experiences, perhaps from a fight with your partner or due to a deadline at work, all add to the snowball, making it bigger and bigger as it continues to roll downhill. Unless we stop to regroup and focus, the snowball will just continue to grow and eventually it hits us all at once just how unbalanced we feel.


Dedicating time alone, especially when we choose to turn off our mobiles, keeps us in tune with the present moment so that we can prevent that feeling that everything is out of control.  I love having a date night with myself.  I always feel so refreshed and invigorated.  I highly recommend making self-care nights part of your routine to help channel your inner warrior and leave you feeling on top of the world!


How to have the perfect night in:


1.  Get prepared:

Nothing makes me happier than having some fresh fruit and a little bit of chocolate. Plan ahead by going to your local grocery store and picking up a few goodies that will nourish your soul.  My personal favourites are strawberries, mango and raspberries. PS. if you like dark chocolate, I sometimes take a bite of dark chocolate with my strawberries or raspberries. It’s like an explosion of flavors! 


2. Yoga & chill:

Spray some relaxing aromatherapy oils, like lavender or jasmine, and then hop on your mat. Connect your body with your breath as you flow and embrace the present moment. Use this time to really observe how everything feels, looks, sounds and smells. Do you hear cars whooshing by outside or maybe you hear the sounds of crickets. We’re often so consumed by mental thinking that we aren’t very connected to our surroundings. Need some new tunes for your flow? Click here.



3. Light some candles:

Find a relaxing candle that fills your room with a lovely aura. Let the glow of the candle fill your soul! I love RX candles, which are sold at the Melrose Trading Post but are also available online. I have the white tree candle which has a very clean fresh scent. 


4. Pamper yo’ self:

A night in is the perfect time to do that clay mud mask or oil pulling that you’ve been meaning to do.  Imagine a glowing energy within you getting brighter and more radiant as you take time to love yourself. You might also want to rub some Ayurvedic oils on your body before getting into a nice steamy hot bath. Afterwards lather lotion on your body and feet (tip: put socks on to help the lotion absorb) and get into some of your favourite cozy PJS.


5. Cuddle up and watch a movie:

Now that you’re feeling fresh and cozy, it’s time to whip out your treats and cuddle up with a good movie or TV show. Check our this list of what I’m currently digging.


I hope you feel energetically charged ⚡️ and filled with good vibes ✨