A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Pilot season has started! I’m in the entertainment business and this is the craziest time of the year. During stressful and long work weeks, it’s easy to fall back into old unhealthy habits. We go on autopilot, answering emails ASAP and stressing to meet deadlines. We forget to slow down and connect to our breath. At the end of the day, we crash, only to wake up and begin the cycle all over again.


For me, the secret is to identify what self-care makes me feel rejuvenated. Figure out little ways that make you feel balanced and centered. Here are some of the things I do to rejuvenate during a busy work week. I’d love to hear what you guys do for your rituals!


Meal Prep:

A great Sunday activity is meal prepping. It takes the stress of cooking off your plate during the week day. It also frees up time during the week to do other healthy activities like meditation, a short walk etc. Meals should be filled with nutrients so you have the fuel both to tackle the work week and feel good. I also try mindful eating. During my meals, I allow myself to ground and enjoy the healthy food I’m eating. I also prepare healthy snacks to keep at the office so that I don’t eat the many treats that are always around.   Doughnuts make you feel really blah on top of an inactive stressful day.


Our bodies are designed to move! Before my injury I would exercise after work but also found it was hard on the nights I was getting home super late. Now it’s not an option to miss out on a workout so since my injury, I set my alarm earlier and get moving before I go to the office. This has made a huge difference with my overall focus during the day. I feel in full warrior mode. Just make sure you get enough sleep by winding down earlier or you will burn out! I spray some essential oils on my pillow before I go to sleep to really help me unwind.


Find moments to simply breathe whenever you have a spare moment during the day. Breathing brings us back to our present moment. Feel your feet grounded in the earth. Observe what you see, feel and smell in a non-attached way. Remember that there is a higher purpose to life that doesn’t pertain to our ego. The universe is within you so don’t forget your connection to nature. Celebrate everything about you that this moment has to offer!


Even though it can be challenging on those super busy days, try to find time to get up and move. Sitting for long hours is toxic for our health. Plus getting some steps in gives your eyes a short break from the screen and increases your focus. Sometimes I combine my steps with kapalbhati, which is rapid inhalation through the nose (the exhale is silent). The breath engages your abdomen and sends a rush of fresh oxygen to the brain. A dab of peppermint also does wonders to awaken the mind.


Every night, make a point to have a self-care ritual. This could be a facemask, Epsom bath soak, cuddling up with a good book etc. A new favorite product of mine is Boots Botanics Rose spray. It’s so refreshing and smells amazing!  Your self-care time is for you to disconnect, unplug and go internal. Are you happy? How was your day? Is there something you find is lacking? When we spend the majority of our day on the go, it’s important to balance with moments of stillness.


After spending the day sitting, our hip flexors and legs can get tense along with a whole array of other problems. Spend a few moments at the end of each day letting your body sink into a stretch. Feel the tension melt away as you return to the present moment. I also like to use massage rollers to pay some extra special attention to any problematic areas.

The more little ways we find to fill our days with self-care, the more centered we feel. It’s essential that we take care of ourselves. What is the point of a great career without a healthy life? Your goals matter but so does your health. Self-care is not only for when you have time, it’s a daily exercise that will alter the quality of your life. You are a warrior who deserves to have it all!