A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


The struggle of being a stressed career yogi is very real for many of you, including myself.   I was in a job with never ending hours and overwhelming stress. There simply was not a second left in the day to work out or practice self-care.  This can be managed in the short time, but lack of self-care over extended periods takes a toll on health and happiness.


If you are in the sinking stress boat, here are some ways that helped me gain a little zen.



Meal prep

During one project, I was so busy that I would either forget to eat or simply didn’t have time.  When my blood sugar inevitably crashed,  I would grab a cookie or some other quick unhealthy snack because I didn’t have anything healty at hand.  Soon I felt worse than before.   Sugary foods only momentarily satisfy and then there’s hunger all over again.  As a result, I ended up in a very negative cycle with food.  I gained weight and craved sugar more than usual.


An unhealthy diet combined with long hours leaves you feeling depressed and lethargic, both of which are no Bueno.  Meal prepping and being prepared with plenty of healthy snacks means that, at the very least,  you’ll fuel your body with the nutrition it needs instead of grabbing the first cookie you see.


If you can fit it in your budget, try a meal delivery service.   This frees up time from grocery shopping and Sunday meal prep and gives more time for yoga and to unwind.  I gave meal delivery a shot and it seriously did make my life less stressful.  For me, there’s less waste so it really wasn’t more expensive and, as a bonus, helped me to lose some weight!  Any LA yogis might be interested in the service I used called EatNakedLA but there are many great services many to choose from.

Keep hydrated

When I am super stressed, I forget to drink as much water as my body needs and I suffer the consequences.  Dehydration affects the mind, body and mental state so it really is imperative to stay properly hydrated. Plus drinking more water means needing to use the loo more often and that is a great way to take a little walk and get away from your desk.  I set the intention to drink plenty of H2O and bought a cute water bottle so I always have water on hand.



Coffee Cut Back

This is challenging. Having a cup of coffee is a personal sacred ritual but with all the cortisol and adrenaline the adrenal glands pump through your body, too much caffeine only makes you feel worse. I substitute that second cup of coffee with a calming tea or a matcha.



Make the most of your weekends

When you don’t have time to focus on yourself during the week, weekend time is sacred. Cut out anything that doesn’t fuel your soul and instead fill your days with things that reconnect you with yourself. Saturdays for me typically include acupuncture and therapy,  both of which really help keep me grounded and sane.


Also, don’t let your mind wander back to work.  I am guilty of this, especially on Sundays. Sunday is still all about you so each time you start to get those Sunday blues, remind yourself that the weekend isn’t over yet and to enjoy the time that is left.


It isn’t easy when you’re overly stressed, even as a yogi, so be gentle with yourself. Working out and doing yoga is a game changer but sometimes you’re so busy you simply don’t have time.  As hard as it is, try to find little things that relax you and make you happy. (For me, it was the luxury to get a macha in the afternoon and keeping some essential oils at my desk.)  The little things are the ammo you need to get through the overwhelming times.  If you find that your mood is changing due to the stress then definitely seek out a therapist or a professional because it might mean some adjustments need to be made.


Stay strong.  You got this!