A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


I recently finished reading Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy which I absolutely loved! The book covers different components on how to be your best self, dealing with all areas of life from diet to mindfulness.


Kate Hudson talks about her drawing board, a place to write down all thoughts and feelings about her body and her life. Throughout the book she asks questions for your own drawing board, helping to cultivate an intimate relationship with your true self. The more in tune we become with what’s going on internally, the more control we have of our bodies to respond to our negative emotions and life’s crazy surprises.


A Yogi once wrote that our bodies are like a vehicle. The more connected we are with our bodies, the more we know when to switch gears. Often the problem is we don’t know what direction to steer because we aren’t really listening to what the body needs! In this sense, Pretty Happy hits the nail on the head. Each chapter has a set of questions designed to make you think about your life and your choices, some of which include your Ayurvedic dosha type, stress levels and mindfulness awareness.



I appreciate that Kate references Ayurveda and mindfulness. In order to live a fulfilling life, we have to take care of all areas of our self, not just physically but also mentally. Our mindset will change how we perceive the world so taking care of our mental thoughts and emotions is imperative.


In addition to all the other goodies, Pretty Happy also gives detoxes and cleanses to help rid the body of toxins. I liked the sugar menace cleanse. It’s no surprise how harmful sugar is to our bodies so I’m always looking for ways to reduce my intake. It was my first cleanse so I like that Kate talked about the emotional side to cleansing. It prepared me for whatever emotions might surface.


There’s also more material in Pretty Happy that can improve the quality of your life. I highly recommend checking out the book. Eager to read what you guys think! xo