A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Flying makes dry skin even drier. My flight home from LA to London is a whooping 11 hours and my skin is definitely the worse for wear by the time I land.  This last trip, I decided to take my skincare routine to the next level and it def worked. Here are my tips for an in-flight skin care routine that leaves you with a beautiful dewy complexion!



Prior to the flight drink TONS of water. I recommend skipping caffeine the day of the flight. If you can’t forgo coffee then stick to one cup or less. I do my normal skincare routine in the AM – rinse with cold water (I don’t use cleanser in the morning because it dries my skin. This isn’t the case for other skin types) followed by toner, essence, serum, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, sunscreen, etc. Also, if time permits, I highly recommend getting in a good workout to boost circulation.


On the flight:

Before we even get to the on-flight skincare routine, I can’t stress enough how important it is to bring hand sanitizer. Touching your face with all the airport germs is a BIG no no. You could try to wash your hands in the airplane bathroom but I find that it never gives that good clean feeling.  Anyone else feel me?

Once your hands are clean, wipe off any makeup with a makeup remover wipe. I personally like Burts Bees. After your skin is clean, use a hydrating sheet mask for a boost of H2O. The people next to you might look at you like you’re cray, but who cares? Your skin is going to look hydrated AF when you land.


Next is about applying oil to deliver even more moisture to the skin. I saved an old sample skincare bottle and filled it with almond oil. That way you don’t have to worry about it causing issues at security. Massage the oil with your fingertips to help boost circulation to the face. Once that step is complete, I apply a heavier cream. Continue to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. And make sure you don’t drink any alcohol, coffee or tea on the flight. If it’s a night flight and you have trouble sleeping, I find taking a zzquil and using eye shades is really helpful.


Near the end of the flight, I use a hydrating under-eye mask to revitalize and wake my skin the eff up. I then add a little more oil or cream to boost moisture. Again, continue to drink lots of water!



As soon as I can, I shower to wash away that yucky airplane feeling. After cleansing, use another hydrating sheet mask to replenish the skin’s moisture. Follow with your normal routine. I spend an extra chunk of time giving my face a massage to show my skin some TLC. It also helps with lymph drainage, which can reduce any puffiness created as a result from flying. 


This routine really gives a nice glow when landing instead of the usual dull look.


Skincare tip – save any skincare samples you get to use on the plane. I had a sample serum, which I applied after the sheet mask and before the almond oil.


What are your tips for the perfect skin after a flight?