A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


I’m a tad extreme when it comes to my skincare routine. I’m the girl carrying a UV parasol and wearing UV driving gloves for protection from the California sun. No shame in taking care of my precious skin!  Skin is the largest organ and works hard for us. It’s important to show it some TLC.


So now I’m focused on tech neck wrinkles.  Sounds made up but it isn’t. We constantly look down at our phones, affecting both our spine and creating horizontal wrinkles on our neck. Umm, no thanks.


What can you do to prevent these pesky wrinkles?  Well aside from lasers and injectables (like Botox) which aren’t in my budget, here are two easy ways to prevent tech neck wrinkles:



Reposition your phone

Most people look down when texting or scrolling. This repetitive action contributes to tech neck wrinkles, thus the name. Instead of gazing down, I try to hold my phone at eye level. It feels awkward but it’s a start.


I also try to be more aware about how often I’m checking my phone. My habit when waiting in line to order my almond/coconut milk latte is to look at funny memes on Instagram. Recently, I’ve been trying to be more present and focus on my surroundings. The less time I spend on my phone = the less time I mindlessly forget to hold my phone at eye level.



Give your neck some attention

Faces get all the love and we forget to pay attention to our neck and chest.  This is a major no no as our neck, chest and hands are age giveaways. In the mornings I use Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum prior to putting on my sunscreen. In the evening I use The Ordinary’s retinol to stimulate collagen production. In addition, I also spend plenty of time making sure I massage my neck and chest with any oils that I am using on my face.



After doing a few searches, I found a product called SiO NeckLift.  I haven’t done much research on reviews nor have I used it, but it’s something that gets my interest.  Will keep you posted!  If you happen to have already tried the product, let me know as I would love to hear if it’s worth adding to my skincare routine.


Last but not least, yoga poses such as cobra and upward facing dog can help to reverse the damage caused by spending so much time hunched over phones.


I hope these easy tricks help minimize any tech neck. Spread the word as it’s something many young people are not aware of but the problem is REAL. #2018 problems.