A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


For you LA-based skincare enthusiasts, you HAVE to try Skin Camp. You might already be familiar with Skin Gym. It’s a brand dedicated to “cutting out the needles and fancy tools while advocating for a natural, authentic and a health Skin Gym girl”.

Skin Gym’s staple skincare items may be on your insta. Gua Shas and face rollers to be specific. I personally love the rose quartz which connects you to your heart chakra. Plus, it’s pink! 

Anyway, Skin Camp is kind of like the Drybar of facials. You walk in, do your thing, and walk out feeling like a queen. The space is created by the same people behind Skin Gym and it doesn’t disappoint. 

For starters, the store is INSANELY cute. Think pink barber-shop chairs and walls. It was like walking into an Elle Wood’s dream! And you know those places where you instantly feel relaxed? That’s what the vibe feels like plus the staff are so friendly.

The workouts range from 15, 30 and 45 mins. Don’t get me a wrong, I love a classic facial, but here the idea is to pop in for some quick pampering before continuing your day. It’s a major boost to a busy day.  And you know how after most facials you want to go straight home because it feels wrong to be out and about? Well, after Skin Camp you have a nice glowy look but you can still go run that errand if you didn’t have time to do so beforehand. Total boss move.

Crystal Facial:

Both my mom and I got Crystal Facials.  I LOVE the mask they use. It contains probiotics, which helps provide better moisture absorption, reduces threat of infection and protects your skin against pollution and free radicals. Not to mention it smells SO good. They then place various crystals on your face while the mask does its thing. 

I found the most blissful part to be the scalp massage. Nirvana! Benefits of scalp massage include mood boost, lower stress levels, a healthy environment for hair to grow, and increased blood flow to the skin. 

Of course, the facial workout included their signature roller, which is also super relaxing. Benefits of using a roller include increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. If my face is puffy, I’ll put my roller in the fridge to chill and then roll it over my face. Also really good if you hold any tension in your jaw or if you have headaches (I love to roll the small end over my temples). 

I highly recommend booking an appointment at Skin Camp. It won’t disappoint! xo