A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Before my skiing accident I was familiar with an ACL. Until you experience a tear, however, you have no idea how excruciating the pain is. Even when the ER doctor diagnosed a torn ACL and MCL, and injured PCL and meniscus, I had no conception what the next months had in store for me. I was not a keen athlete before my accident. With the tear and subsequent recovery process, however, I am now in tune with how many others, especially athletes, experience this injury. We are connected like a knee warrior family with our common struggle as the thread that binds us.

teddy bridgewater

And so, watching Teddy Bridgewater’s injury was heartbreaking. The recovery is already incredibly mental and this is compounded by the potential end of a career. Sending good healing vibes his way ?!


“The Nastiest Injury in Sports”

I discovered this well researched and written article, The Nastiest Injury in Sports during my recovery. It’s a great read so I wanted to share with the ACL family. Neil Gabler focuses on athletes and you may find it even more compelling if you’re a sports fan. The article isn’t only about sports, however. It also includes information about the ligament, the unforgettable popping sound, the mental aspect of recovery, why women are more prone to tear their ACL and more. Lots of good information!

adrian peterson

And the article is titled, The Nastiest Injury in Sports for a reason. You learn how miserable Adrian Peterson was the first few weeks post-surgery. He is a famous athlete but he experienced the same negative emotions. This can help anyone who is experiencing the same struggles to feel less alone. Ultimately he succeeded and his recovery is an inspiration for others. From the article, you take away that recovery isn’t easy so don’t beat yourself up when you feel negative at times. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Stay strong my knee warriors. At least we are healing which is better than the alternative. No matter how many setback days, we will get to the finish line and we will become stronger ?.