A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Another form of yoga that you can practice, injury or no injury, is Bhakti yoga. Bhakti is the yoga of love and devotion. Life can be challenging at times; negative and unfair things happen and people may hurt us. These experiences easily cause us to feel the need to protect our heart by building a wall. Practicing Bhakti yoga is a great way to break down the wall and increase happiness and compassion in life. When we act from a place of love, we cultivate more peace. It’s toxic to our health to carry burdens! Responding with love to people that hurt us may be hard at first, but is necessary for good health and to raise the vibration in the ether.

The practice of Bhakti yoga is a great way to continually be conscious of your heart space or anahata (heart) chakra. It also keeps us in tune with how much time we dedicate to loving our physical and mental health, as well as loving all living things on this planet.


Bhakti yoga is most often be practiced through chanting hymns, mantras and worship to the Divine. It can also be practiced by setting an intention to be kind to yourself and reminding yourself to see the light in everyone and everything.

Other ways to practice Bhakti yoga can be loving yourself with a bubble bath, using epsom salts for the muscles and oils for the mind. Cook with love and eat healthily to provide proper nourishment for the body. Send love to the injured area by oil massage, expanding the heart space with appreciation for an area of your body that previously you might have been taking for granted.


Spread love by letting your friends and family know how much you care about them. Cards are always appreciated! When you are parting with someone, really connect to them and be genuine with what you are saying. We never know what is going to happen in life and it’s worthwhile to get into the habit of always parting with love. When you see bad things happen in the news, take time to direct love to those suffering. Have love for nature and your surroundings. Often we live in our minds and we aren’t taking enough time to appreciate the beauty around us. Going on a walk or hike is a great way to find more love for yourself and for nature.


The recovery time is the perfect way to get into the habit of finding ways to practice Bhakti yoga. Injuries shake you up by changing your normal routine so make the recovery an integral healing period by addressing all areas of your life.


Happy healing! Namaste.