A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Recently in my meditations I have been focusing on my Vishuddhua or throat chakra. Vishuddha, the fifth chakra, is located at the region of the throat or cervical part of the spine. It is associated with the colour blue and the ether element.


When I was twelve years old I transferred to an American school in London after previously having spent my entire education in the British system. Since I was different than the other kids in my school and didn’t want to stand out, I did everything I could to fit in and, as a result, I picked up an American accent almost immediately.  I’m sure my change in accent might have happened naturally, but the manner in which I did so was clearly due to a deficiency with my throat chakra.


Cleansing my throat chakra has taught me to embrace who I am so that I navigate through life feeling calm, grounded and confident with myself. Nothing is worse than not being comfortable in your own skin. All measures should be taken to learn to love who you are and embrace your being.


The throat chakra reflects speaking with clarity and intention, compassionate listening, as well as keeping our word. A functioning throat chakra allows us to embrace our uniqueness. When our throat chakra is open we are able to communicate clearly with others. One of the seven yamas in Yoga is satya, or absolute truth. We should always speak from a place of truthfulness. This doesn’t mean that we have the right to be mean, harsh or criticize others. Speaking our truth means learning how to voice when we don’t want to do something and speaking up when something makes uncomfortable or feel pain, but always doing it from a place of love and compassion.


If you find yourself in a situation where you feel the need to express your truth, but don’t know how it will be received by the other person, some good questions to ask yourself before speaking are:


1. Are the words you are about to speak truthful?


2. Are the words you’re about to speak necessary?


3. Is what you’re about to say kind?


Deficiencies of the throat chakra cause the inability to express oneself, fear of speaking, swallowing your words, incessant talking and the inability to listen.


Ways to cleanse the Vishuddha chakra are: singing, all creative arts, dancing, mantra, journaling, cooking, massaging the cervical spinal area and drinking plenty of water.  Sometimes in order to cleanse the throat chakra we must face painful and uncomfortable memories and thoughts. It is best to do this after meditation. Spend time working and releasing either by journaling or talking to a friend whom you trust. Remove expectations that balance will be achieved straight away. It can take time to really achieve change. By taking the first step, however, you are already on the road to healing.


Some affirmations for healing are: “I speak my truth”, “Freedom is my true nature”, I speak my personal truth from light and love” and “I allow my creativity to flow freely”.


As the throat chakra is associated with the colour blue and the ether element, spending time outside looking at the sky can be very healing. You might also find it helpful to wear blue colours and jewellery.


Some gems to clean the chakra are sapphire, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine and turquoise.


Oils like jasmine, sage, rosewood, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender also aid in balancing. Add a few drops of these oils in an aromatherapy facial steam, bath or simply add a couple drops on your wrists and ankles prior to meditation.


Recovery can be a great way to open and heal the throat chakra. Own your story and share it with others with whatever media resonates with you: a blog, Instagram, snapchat or any other outlet. The support of the ACL family is invaluable and your story has an amazing power to help others. By channeling your story so that it can be accessed by fellow ACL family members, you will not only be supporting others, but by speaking your truth with confidence and embracing your uniqueness will open the fifth chakra. No-one but you can bring forth to the table what you can. Love and own your story!


Namaste yogis! xo