A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


The positive to recovery is that you have an abundant amount of time that you might not normally have and you can use this time to do things that you might not normally do. While recovery can certainly make you stir crazy, this free time should not be taken for granted. When we’re busy we want free time, when we have nothing going on we want activity. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side. Don’t fall into this illusive mindset! Appreciate and make the most out of this time.

Especially during summer months with all the heat, hair can easily get extremely dry. There are many at home treatments; a popular one is olive oil and honey, but I personally love coconut oil and find it to be the most effective.

While coconut oil isn’t exactly the most pleasant, it does wonders. It deeply moisturizes, making your hair incredibly soft. Apply the oil, wrap your hair up in a shower cap and let it sit for as long as possible. The longer the better. Wash it out and you have wonderful soft hair! Do the treatment as often as needed. A great self-care routine to pamper yourself while your knee heals!

Enjoy! xo