A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Stress and fear have been proven to be associated with poorer recovery outcomes. You know you’re going to heal, but it’s still hard not to become distressed. Recovery from surgery is extremely painful, you feel physically trapped and it’s easy to become stir crazy. I have compiled a list of a few meditation apps that I have tried and found to be quite effective. Whether you’re new to meditation or are an experienced meditator and finding it hard to keep your focus off the pain, these free apps are great at calming the mind and bringing you back to balance.

Headspace: Let Andy be your mind’s personal trainer. Each session is 10 minutes long. All you have to do is hit start. The goal of meditation is to detach from our thoughts. I love that Andy compares thoughts to cars on a road. Andy does a great job guiding you to stay seated as an observer on the side of the road and not get into the car and drive off with the thought.


Breathe: This app lets you decide the length of your session and breath cycle time. This app is great if your painkillers start to wear off or you start experiencing any distressing pain.  I’ve noticed when there’s significant pain I start clenching my jaw. The moment I notice my stress start to increase and that I’m tightening my jaw I do some breath cycles.


Mindfulness: New to this app, but so far what I like about it is how much you can personalize it. There are both guided and silent meditations and range of time frames from 3 to 30 minutes. There is also an option to have part guided and part silent in one session. I personally prefer Headspace and Breathe but worth giving a try in case this app works for you.


Stay calm! You are already one step closer towards recovery!