A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Love” is a great read. Each page is filled with a note of sage advice and clarity, leaving you feeling energized and connected to what truly matters in life. An easy read from which you will gain wisdom.


An excerpt:


When your loved one is talking, practice listening deeply. Sometimes the other person will say something that surprises us, that is the opposite of the way we see things. Allow the other person to speak freely. Don’t cut your loved one off or criticize their words. When we listen deeply with all our heart – for ten minutes, half an hour, or even an hour – we will begin to see the other person more deeply and understand them better. If they say something that’s incorrect, that’s based on a wrong perception, we can give them a little information later on to help them correct their thinking. But right now, we just listen.” pg 41


Thich Nhat Hanh has a series of books that I recommend. To name a few: “Peace in Every Step”, “No Mud No Lotus”, “The Art of Communicating”. While you may not be able to perform asana, you can definitely still practice Jnana yoga. Jnana yoga is gaining wisdom and knowledge about a range of topics. Jnana yoga is not complete if it does not include self-study and how we can better ourselves. When we are busy with all the activities that go on in our normal lives we don’t always make time to better our mind and ourselves. Embrace and have gratitude for the stillness; it gives us the chance to recharge every aspect of ourselves.

Peace, love and light. Namaste! xo