A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Link: The Impact of Psychological Stress on Wound Healing: Methods and Mechanisms


An old friend of mine who is currently in medical school sent me this article and I thought it’s an interesting read.  Funny enough, my friend might actually pursue a career in orthopedics. I hold tremendous respect for people who make a profession helping others.  Post injury I definitely have added my orthopedic surgeon to the daily list of things I’m grateful for. Click on link above to read.

The basic summary of this article is that “psychological distress thus appears to influence recovery from medical procedures and healing of chronic wounds in clinical settings.”


When you have an injury all you want is to get back to normal. Sadly there is no magic machine to speed up the process; patience becomes your best friend. There are, however, tools to make your recovery process the best that it can be. Understanding the detrimental effects of stress should make you aware of your mental state. Find little things that keep you calm and positive, whatever that may be: meditation, sitting outside in nature, calling a friend, watching good movies.

Hope this helps. Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery.

Namaste! xo