A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior



Maintaining a positive self-image without exercise during recovery is a major challenge. As an active person, I felt disconnected from my body. I missed yoga, pure barre class and walking. Guilt followed because I knew that I should be grateful to be healing. A negative cycle of self-pity and guilt developed.


Such a destructive cycle and negative self-image consumes energy that should be funneled into healing. Fortunately for me, my inner warrior kicked in. I learned that during an injury we need to fight for ourselves more than ever. If you’re going through a similar negative cycle with your injury, it’s time to fight back with these 10 self-love practices.

Eat healthy

When you can’t exercise, the nourishment you put into your body is critical. Skip processed junk food and opt for choices that won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards. That doesn’t mean you can never indulge in a treat, just don’t go overboard with the potato chips. You need to be in best form to battle any hard waves!


A connection to nature is critical ammunition to combat a negative cycle. Nature helps to silence the ego and connects us to our Jiva-Atman or our embodied soul and higher consciousness. This clears the way to observe the positive and extract wisdom from the struggle. As a plus, nature sounds and smells calm the body.


Negative thoughts and experience create tension in the body. Exercise is a great form of release but when that isn’t an option, massage is a heavenly substitute. Find a place that fits your budget and let the tension melt away. Reflexology and acupuncture are also great forms of toxin release.

Tai Chi

Depending on where you are in your recovery, tai chi is worth exploring. Tai chi uses body and hand movement, breathing and self-defense techniques as a form of meditation. Don’t have any stimulation (coffee, etc.) before class as it can become very hard to focus on the movement. The benefit: amazing mental clarity and a feeling of calmness.

Spring cleaning vibes

Even if it’s not quite spring yet, de-cluttering has amazing positive effects on the mind. The vibes of the people and environments we surround ourselves with affect our mood and perception of our self. Create a space that calms you and makes you feel happy! Invest in candles, incense and pictures that instill a loving energy. Donate old clothes and get rid of things that no longer serve you. Your injury is a chance to shed the old and embrace the new!

Inspiration board

In Kate Hudson’s book “Pretty Happy”, she discusses the concept of a visualization board. Pinterest is a fabulous outlet for your inspiration board. Create a space of your own for mantras, pictures, dreams etc. so you can regularly check in to make that vision board a reality. Think of it as your self-love bible.

Focus on your body feeling good, not the number

Try not to obsessively weigh yourself, especially when you’re not exercising. Instead focus on eating well and moving as much as you can. Feel happy in your skin and love your body no matter where you’re at in the journey. If you don’t feel happy, don’t beat yourself up but instead be productive in what you can edit or add to your routine that makes you feel good.

Embrace your down time

Life is overloaded with activity so embrace this time of stillness. You will eventually get back to normal so take advantage of this time. Explore new music, read different books, and watch some good movies.

Speak up when you need help

Don’t let your negative moments isolate you! You’re undergoing a big change so reach out if you feel lonely, depressed or sad. You’re not alone with your problem. Through social media, it’s easy to connect to others who are have gone through your experience. Talk to someone to help get you back on track.

Celebrate every little success

It’s important on your journey to celebrate all the little successes as well as the major achievements. Reward yourself! It’s wonderful, not only in our recovery, but in life, to find more opportunities to celebrate. Enjoy the dance of life!

Injuries test us. They push us and make us work to strengthen the connection to our inner warrior. With so much to do, don’t let lack of exercise make you feel bad about yourself. When you get knocked down, do your self-love practice and rise stronger. Keep fighting and putting one foot in front of the other. You will get there so don’t give up!