A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior



No one wants an injury. Some injuries put a hold on life and require months, if not years of physical therapy! I was in the middle of my yoga teacher training when I had my accident. I felt such frustration at not knowing how long before I could resume my teacher training and the other activities I love. In spite of the many emotional ups and downs, my injury has changed me more than I ever could have imagined and for that I am grateful.


What injuries teach us:


Mind-body fracture is common in society. We’re so consumed by our thoughts that we’re disconnected from the messages our body sends us. The pain of a physical injury, however, signals that something is off and needs to be addressed. We become more focused when our bodies need rest instead of going into overdrive. An injury forces one listen to their body and, as a result, teaches self-love.


In addition, we appreciate what we once took for granted and we learn how amazing our bodies are. Slowing down and facing the world as a beginner again teaches respect. It’s a humbling experience to be knocked down. We are forced to embrace our vulnerability and the raw emotions that make us human.


Side note: Balance a negative state with extra self-love, like a funny film or a heart-centered meditation. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and self-love helps to pull you along as you heal.


Life moves at a fast pace but an injury teaches patience. Don’t expect results quickly. Progress and change don’t happen overnight. It’s all about consistent daily work, even on the days that you don’t feel up to it. Injury is like a giant SLOW DOWN sign!

And this can be applied to any life change you want to make. A little bit each and every day goes a long way. What you put the time and effort into now is what you will become.


After an injury, we learn to show compassion towards our bodies and minds and we also learn compassion towards others. We all have our battles, some are physical and some are mental. We gain a new appreciation for what others go through on a daily basis. An injury helps us to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and be a little kinder as a result.

Yes, injuries really suck! I’m still far from healed and I often feel frustration but I recognize the good that has resulted from my injury. I have connected with the amazing ACL family who are some of the most loving and kind individuals. I have worked with incredible physical therapists who have taught me so much about the human body. And out of my injury, I have found a deep strength within, allowing my inner warrior to rise. We are all fighters. Keep conquering your injury and don’t give up!