A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior



Ayurveda is based upon the idea that there are three doshas.  The doshas relate to the elements in the universe that energetically affect an individual’s physiological function in the body.  Even though we are made of all three doshas, we usually have a dominant dosha.


The objective is to determine your dominant dosha so that you can customize your lifestyle according to those principles.  For example, an anxious person whose mind is always racing, would benefit from a grounding class that focuses on holding the poses longer.  A more lethargic person would do better with an invigorating class that focuses on stirring dull energy.


Although some yogis may disagree, I mix/match philosophies a bit to find what works best for me! Certain Ayurvedic principles may work but others may not.  It’s all about living a quality life which differs for each of us depending on our own unique experiences and most importantly what makes you happy!

How to determine your Ayurvedic dosha:



Vata relates to the elements of space and air, hence giving Vata types their airy and free flowing nature.  Their bodies tend to be thin and light, even if they are tall.  Vata types are always moving and changing like butterflies.  They have a curiosity for life and can be very creative if they have discipline and consistency.  When the dosha is out of balance, Vata types tend to start projects without following through and finishing them.  In general, they prefer to be spontaneous as planning is not their strong point.  When Vata dosha is out of balance, they can be incredibly anxious, worried, have insomnia, panic attacks and constipation, lose weight and get extremely dry skin.


Kapha is the elements of earth and water.  They tend to have a larger body size and bigger bones and can sometimes tend to gain weight.  As they are comprised of the earth and water elements, they are very grounded, constant and steady.  When the dosha is out of balance, they have a hard time letting go, especially of material goods that have sentimental value.  In addition, kapha types tend to resist change and instead favour their routine.  People tend to be attracted to Kapha types as they are loyal, steady and consistent.  Kapha must be kept in balance otherwise they can become too lethargic, have difficulty to get motivated, as well as eat too much.


Pitta is the element of fire! Physically they are medium build and height and have moderate muscle development.  They have a good complexion, healthy hair and nails, and strong digestive system.  Pitta types can be great debaters, organizers and have a very sharp memory.  They are goal oriented and highly motivated. When pitta is out of balance, they can be too argumentative and aggressive, overly competitive and irritable.  This can cause fits of anger and can cause them to overeat and overdo things.

For a more in depth questionnaire regarding your dosha, click here.  Self-study is a wonderful learning experience that can help us on our journey to shed what we don’t want and work on what we love.  When answering the questions, I like to think of it as a chance to further examine my mental thought processes and my emotional tendencies.  Remember each dosha has an amazing positive attribute so there is no wrong dosha.  Embrace who you are and do what helps make your life the best it can possibly be!