A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


I love to travel especially when I return home to London or get to experience another culture. What isn’t so happy about these amazing experiences? My skin!


Airplane cabins are low humidity which dries out our skin. Since we can’t live in a bubble to protect our skin from free radicals and dry conditions, we have to take actions to keep it as healthy as possible! Here is my skin routine to keep my skin (and me) happy ☺️when I fly:


Moisturizes are your new best friend

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize ?. Prior to your flight, apply any creams or serums that enhance hydration and protection. In addition, I use a SPF 30 in case I am exposed to any UV rays ☀️. I wear this daily, even in London where we don’t often see the sun! This routine is also particularly important in the winter months when skin is prone to be dry. You might want to take a small emergency bag on the plane with sample-sized moisturizers and lip balm to reapply as needed. Make sure it’s less than the required 100ml and that it’s in a zip locked bag bag to take out during security.


Stay hydrated

Prior to, during, and after the flight, drink plenty of water to keep your cells happy and hydrated from the inside out. Even though it might be temping to get that coffee or alcoholic drink, it only causes further dehydration. Furthermore, according to Harvard Health, dehydration can actually worsen the effects of jetlag. Definitely an added bonus why you should drink that H20! Bottoms up!


Gentle exfoliation

Our skin continually creates new skin cells. A gentle exfoliation is a wonderful way to remove skin cell buildup. Once you reach your destination, opt for a gentle exfoliation to help give you that lovely glow! Don’t forget to use your serums afterwards! I love to use oils, particular almond and sesame oil to massage my skin post-exfoliation.

Get yo’ exercise on!

According to a study done by McMaster University in Ontario, exercise not only appears to keep skin looking younger but it may also reverse skin aging for sedentary people who started exercising later. After you arrive at your destination, use the hotel gym or go for a walk or run. You’ll also get a boost of endorphins and let’s be real, who doesn’t love some good happy emotions!

I hope these tips help keep your skin happy! It can be trying on us both mentally and physically when our routine is all whacky and we’re stuck on a long flight. Hopefully someone isn’t kicking your seat! Keep yourself balanced and calm. Whether you’re flying somewhere new or going home, airport madness is the perfect way to practice mindfulness and kindness. If someone does something that makes you want to act like a crazy person, take a deep breath and instead send them some good juju. Practicing kindness and letting go are also good for your health!


Wishing you safe travels!