A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


It can’t be repeated enough that skincare is more than what is rubbed on your face. It’s about nourishing our bodies from WITHIN so that we truly GLOW. Having a zen skincare routine is key. It becomes an act of self-love as well as prepares us for a dreamy nights sleep.

Here are a few tricks that will up your game and make your PM routine zen:

Light candles

I am not a fan of bright lights during my evening skincare routine. Instead, I light a few candles and turn on my Himalayan salt night lamp (btw I highly suggest investing in a salt light – the one I linked is affordable and very calming).   This creates a chilled vibe in the room which makes me less focused on my appearance and transitions me to focus on how the oils feel as I massage them into my skin. I even suggest turning on a calming playlist to up the vibe factor. Also, it’s a good idea not to check your phone for a few hours before bed. Blue light is not good for our skin!

Hint of a rose mist:

Sprintz the air with a little rose mist.  It creates an ambiance similar to an expensive spa where you walk in and immediately relax before your treatment. Mix it up and spray some lavender other times as it can really help with sleep. Inhale, exhale. Ahhh!!

Organise your bathroom:

This sounds weird, but how my bathroom and skincare products are organised makes me more invested in taking care of my skin. I have some calming crystals, two evil eye hangings that I bought on my travels, and a pretty candle with the words Namaste written on it. I’m telling you..vibe is everything. My skincare products are organised nicely so when I open my cabinet, I see my rose quartz roller, my eye cream, etc. It truly helps create an ambiance.  Then I’m ready to connect with my skincare routine and embrace the calm of my zen ritual.

Let me know of any tricks and tips you guys use during your skincare routine. Always looking for ways to up my game.

Stay magical.