A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


As you may know, tonight is a Supermoon ?. If you aren’t familiar with the term supermoon, it means a full moon that is closer to earth than usual. What makes this moon especially exciting is that it’s the closest it’s been to earth in nearly 70 years. It won’t appear this big until 24th November 2034 so it’s definitely worth taking the time to have a look!


In yoga, we understand that celestial bodies have energies. While they can’t change an individual’s karma, they can play either a favorable or negative role, all depending on how we conduct ourselves. Energetically, the moon is an indication of the mind. It symbolizes the Divine Mother which relates to nourishing our mind, body and soul, as well as our feelings and emotions. This makes a full moon and especially a supermoon a perfect time to turn your dreams into a reality.


Being aware of the cosmos helps us to stay connected to nature and our surroundings. We are mindful of something much bigger than ourselves and that life is a magical journey with infinite possibilities.


A couple of years ago, one of my yoga teachers and I did a grounding meditation under the full moon. Post-meditation, she introduced the idea of using the spiritual energy in the ether to manifest what we wanted more of in our lives. For two minutes we did an exercise in which we freely wrote down all our fears, worries and anxieties that we wanted to release.


We then took another piece of paper and for the same amount of time, wrote all our dreams and desires as if they had already come true. For my desire, I wrote “I am in the middle of my yoga training. I am deepening my relationship with myself.” This was well before I had even considered yoga studios where I might want to pursue training. Reading my hopes and wishes for the future aligned me with my higher purpose and set me in motion to realise my desire.


Use the heightened energies from the moon to set into motion all your dreams. Prepare with a yoga flow or meditation to check in and release any fears. The more grounded we are, the more we can turn our fears into positive energy. It is best to do your flow outside in nature as you can bathe in the glow of the moon. If the raw emotions make you feel vulnerable and are overwhelming, remind yourself that there is love all around you and that you are also pure love and light. Need a playlist for your flow? I’m currently digging POPSUGAR’s restorative yoga and meditation playlist.


Once you finish your flow, take a piece of paper and write freely without thinking. Set your timer for 2 minutes. Release all that bad juju that you no longer want to hold. Then set a timer for 2 minutes and write down all your dreams in the present tense. If you find yourself straying from your goals or that you’re holding onto old negative habits, come back to your piece of paper as a reminder of the direction you are headed. The magic of the cosmos is on your side to help you achieve your best life.


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Sending love & light. xo