A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Hope you are having a lovely start to 2021! ?

Below is an 8 minute meditation for a quick reset that I hope will allow you to start to feel more present in this moment.


✨ Remove expectations and pressures from yourself. Meditation is hard. I can’t tell you how many yoga and meditation classes I’ve zoned out of. Even if your mind wanders the entire meditation you should still be proud that you carved out time for yourself. ?

✨If I say something that doesn’t resonate with you, please just ignore it. That being said, I invite you to still challenge yourself, especially if you want to quit because it’s ‘boring’. Unfortunately the only way to reap the benefits of the practice is by being diligent and doing the work. Sorry bb.

✨ Be compassionate with yourself. The reason we hold tension in our bodies and minds is because we feel we have to protect ourselves from perceived threats (fight or flight mode). Life is hard so instead of judging yourself for being tense over something you think is silly, perhaps celebrate how hard your body works to protect you each and every day. Don’t feel pressured to be zen if that’s not realistic of your present moment. Own how you are feeling and know that eventually the mind and body will start to relax. Just like when you’re lying in bed and the muscles slowly start to let go prior to sleep. Your body knows what to do so give it time to do it’s thing. There is no rush.


✨Make sure you have a space where you won’t be distracted.

✨If you’re feeling restless or high energy I recommend working out or taking a yoga class before you meditate. This will make it easier to sit still.

✨ Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Helps to boost your mood and also connect to you the water element (which our bodies are mostly comprised of).

✨ Find whatever position is most comfortable for you. This can be lying down, seated, legs up the wall. Whatever is going to help YOU relax. Meditation is tough and requires mental stamina. Don’t make it harder on yourself by having to sit in the conventional yogi way.


Hope this meditation helps connect you to the magic of the present moment x