A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Hi bbs! ✨

Today’s meditation is all about preparing for a blissful night’s sleep.


💗 Make sure you are comfy. I love legs up the wall pose as it helps get me sleepy.

💗 It’s always lovely to have a bath pre meditation. I use a lavender bubble bath and it’s DREAMY. Also a big fan of the spacemasks eye mask. It’s self-heating which is SO soothing on the eyes and also smells amazzzinggg (I have the jasmine one). ☁️

💗 Essential oils will help boost the experience. I love a mixture of lavender, rose and jasmine as it connects me to the divine feminine side.

💗 Remove expectations from the meditation. Even if you aren’t tired at the end of the meditation your body will still reap the benefits while you sleep.

Time to get your zen on! ☁️☁️

10 minute sleep meditation 🧚🏽

Lara x