A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


Making a goal is easy.  Following through with it, however, is the hard part.  This can be especially true with spiritual growth.  It requires real effort to slay the ego which is the ultimate goal of yoga and meditation.  It’s not easy to release negative mental thought processes and habits that virtually become second nature to us.  It’s something I’m continually working on!


If you’re ready to take the plunge and become more in tune with your true essence, awaken your inner energies and achieve greater fulfillment in life through your spiritual practice, then there is one thing that is crucial to making your spiritual practice stick.  That, my beautiful warriors, is your sangha.  A sangha is a spiritual gathering to help one another achieve greater fulfillment and to ascertain our actions align with our dharma, our soul’s purpose in life. A sangha is essential to help you maintain focus and prevent you from returning to old habits.

Community is a powerful tool to propel us in a positive direction but we adapt to the energy of our surroundings and it’s easy to pick up the habits of those around us.  Furthermore, many of us live in busy cities where there is little emphasis on the importance of slaying the ego and gaining higher consciousness.  If you’re looking for something deeper, don’t give in to the power of your surroundings but instead rely on your sangha to keep you on your spiritual path.  Sangha is a definite must, especially when you’re starting on your spiritual journey ?..


Create regular sanghas with a group of friends or yoga community to overcome old habits and maintain a consistent relationship with yoga.  A sangha is a place of non-judgement so that everyone can shine and embrace their true being.  Choose a space that radiates good energy and dedicate time to practice yoga or meditation as a group.  Afterwards, enjoy healthy food together, laugh and have meaningful conversations.  Since we spend too much time on our phones, our sangha is a time for real connection and presence.

The power of your sangha is incredible to keep you focused and dedicated.  It’s so uplifting to be around other yogis who share the same desire to improve their health and happiness.  It’s natural to stray from our spiritual practice but sangha is always a place to come back to your center.  It heals the mind-body connection. It serves as a reminder that even during the crazy moments in life, inner peace can always be found within us and that our inner flame is there to help fight difficult battles.  Our lives should not be the sufferings the ego creates but happiness and bliss.  Keep on keeping on spiritual warrior!