A Rising Warrior

A Rising Warrior


With so many wellness trends bombarding us, it’s easy to feel like we need to embrace a new lifestyle every other day. Beware! Sometimes, even positive wellness intentions can develop into orthorexia nervosa, an obsession with healthy eating. That’s extreme, of course, but it still can be tricky finding a balance between a healthy lifestyle and enjoying things that give you pleasure.


Instead of going to extremes, address what serves you best in a given moment. Been eating lots of junk food? If yes, then give your body a little break and opt for something yummy and guilt free. Our bodies remember what we put into them and being mindful of what our habits have been that week can help prevent a toxic buildup and feeling blah. Don’t wait until it hits you like a ton of bricks!


On the other hand, if you’ve been eating well, then treat yourself! Stressing about being perfect doesn’t help you! If a glass of champagne or some chocolate give you pleasure, then embrace it. The key to balance is that it leaves you feeling good. Life’s too short and sometimes a glass of rose compliments a sunset on a beautiful summer’s evening!


The intention you set when you enjoy foods considered ‘unhealthy’ is also important. Intentions set the tone for actions and keep us mindful of the present moment. This extends to anything, not just food! You’re still a yogi even if you enjoy dancing all night. Yogis agree that pleasure is good but not all believe that pleasure derived from something which does not enhance your wellness is beneficial. My philosophy is that what’s most important is you feel happy, grounded and the best version of you possible no matter what you’re eating or doing. It’s far better to enjoy a night on the town than it is to spend the night ruminating about how you shouldn’t be doing this, that or the other. Don’t stress! That’s the silent killer! You also don’t want to beat yourself up if you do enjoy a night out or eat one too many sweet potato fries. That’s what balance is all about! Enjoy each moment and then work to balance your energy by sipping on a green juice or going to a yoga class the next day.

Don’t judge others

When I began my yoga teacher training, I struggled not to judge friends’ toxic lifestyle choices. My intentions were good, of course, but I had to learn not to be sanctimonious and to let go. While we care about our loved ones’ lifestyles, we have to allow them space to explore and live the way they choose. Each person’s journey is different. Besides, holding onto judgmental feeling is detrimental for your own health. If a loved one does have a problem, however, definitely let them know they are loved and give your support.

Balance is a challenge to achieve, especially in a modern lifestyle. If your energy feels unbalanced, practice mindfulness or meditation and allow the wisdom to come from within. Our bodies know the answers. The hard part is stilling the mind. Be honest with yourself about your needs and what will help you feel more grounded. If you’re feeling stagnant, make it your focus to detox or move your body without completely depriving yourself of pleasure. If you have a craving for something unhealthy, breathe and remember that it’s fine to live it up every now and then! Life is about balance and finding that balance will bring the happiest and best you!


Love & light!